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  • Process Engineering

    TECHSOFT is a CMMI Institute (formerly Software Engineering Institute) Partner with more than a decade of process engineering experience in both the government and commercial sectors. TECHSOFT achieved CMMI® Maturity Level 3 in 2009.

    TECHSOFT's veteran Process Engineering team includes both CMMI Institute-Certified SCAMPISM Lead Appraisers, and CMMI Institute-Certified CMMI® Instructors. This highly-qualified team assists our clients to establish the infrastructure needed to optimize processes, achieve goals, and move their organization forward.

    TECHSOFT offers a full range of CMMI® consulting services including:

        Conducting gap analysis studies
        Mentoring and coaching
        Preparing documentation
        Preparing for and conducting appraisals

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    Client List
  • Appraisal Services
    TECHSOFT offers a variety of appraisal options based customer needs, including:
    CMMI Models
    Level of Formality
    Results in Maturity Level?
    SCAMPI Class A
    DEV and SVC
    Led by a CMMI Institute-Certified Lead Appraiser and a formal appraisal team. Includes full document review and formal practitioner interviews.
    SCAMPI Class B
    DEV and SVC
    A trial run or progress benchmark for a formal Class A appraisal. Includes document review and interviews. Results in green, yellow, red status by practice.
    SCAMPI Class C
    DEV and SVC
    The least formal level of appraisal – a good starting point. Includes a detailed process asset review.
    Gap Analysis
    DEV and SVC
    Very Low
    An initial review of an organization’s processes and documentation. Used to develop a process baseline.

        Preparing our clients for formal CMMI® interviews     
        Assisting clients in developing comprehensive process asset libraries
        Conducting SCAMPISM appraisals for large, complex organizations

  • CMMI® Training
    TECHSOFT’s CMMI Institute-Certified CMMI® Instructors have extensive real-world experience implementing process improvement at systems and software organizations. Their project-oriented training delivery style ensures that students have a hands-on learning experience while gaining valuable insight into how CMMI is used in the real-world.

    TECHSOFT provides formal training classes including:

          The CMMI Institute’s 3-day Introduction to CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) Version 1.3
          The CMMI Institute’s 3-day Introduction to CMMI for Services (CMMI–SVC) Version 1.3
          A one-day CMMI-DEV Version 1.3 Supplement course
          A one-day CMMI-SVC Version 1.3 Supplement course

    TECHSOFT is committed to our clients’ long-term success with CMMI, and has developed a wide selection of mentoring workshops for individuals and teams. In addition, we offer process-specific workshops for every process area. These workshops are geared toward advanced practitioners who are assigned to be subject matter experts on topics such as CM, REQM and QA. Classes are typically delivered onsite at our clients’ facilities.
  • Gap Analysis
    The TECHSOFT Process Team will conduct an onsite evaluation of an organization's existing processes, comparing them to the best practices of CMMI® to develop a "Gap Analysis." A crucial step in the road to CMMI® success, the gap analysis identifies process improvement opportunities from adopting the best practices of the CMMI® model.

    The Gap Analysis is a low risk, initial step for an organization to obtain an objective evaluation of their current process maturity. The output of this event will more clearly scope the duration and cost to achieve your goals.

    Based on the results, TECHSOFT will:

          Establish a custom Process Improvement approach utilizing our process mentors and your key resources
          Generate the documentation needed to initiate your process improvement effort
          Propose project-level, functional, and/or organizational mentoring and training activities
          Develop a Process Asset Library and infrastructure for future document collection and management
  • Process Documentation
    TECHSOFT's CMMI® experts have years of experience developing the high-level policies, process manuals, and detailed procedures that provide the structural underpinnings of a solid, repeatable process.

    TECHSOFT maintains an extensive library of sample documents, making it simple for our clients to establish and maintain process asset libraries.

         High-level policies
         Process manuals
         Detailed procedures
         Templates for plans
         Process checklists
         Sample documents

TECHSOFT has partnered with companies and government agencies throughout the United States to provide CMMI services and training. We take great pride in the close relationships we build with our clients’ teams, and the successes they have accomplished. Our key clients include:

     Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Atlantic (SSC Atlantic)– CMMI ML3
              SSC Atlantic’s Charleston, S.C. location - CMMI ML3
              SSC Atlantic’s Norfolk, Va. location – CMMI ML3
              SSC Atlantic’s New Orleans, La. location - CMMI ML3
     Centurum, Inc. – CMMI ML2
     General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – CMMI ML3

Mike Knox
Meet the key players:
Mike Knox

Mike Knox, Director of Engineering Process Services for TECHSOFT, is responsible for implementing process improvement and best practices for customers based on the CMMI model, with a particular emphasis on revitalizing the systems and software engineering processes for clients. Mr. Knox has participated on numerous SCAMPI appraisals since 2006.

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in information technology and systems analysis, Mr. Knox is applying proven leadership, sound consultation techniques, training, and tools to implement value-added process improvement for DoD and commercial agencies.

Mr. Knox is a CMMI Institute-Certified Introduction to CMMI Instructor for both CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University and an MBA from Kennesaw State University.

Cara Smith

Cara Smith

Cara Smith, Deputy Director of Engineering Process Services for TECHSOFT, has 12 years of experience working in process engineering. Her process-oriented mentality, attention to detail and high work ethic has made her a key member on multiple Systems Engineering and Process Working Groups.

Mrs. Smith primarily works with TECHSOFT’s commercial clients, mentoring and coaching them in implementing the CMMI best practices. Cara single-handedly led General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Niceville FL, to CMMI Maturity Levels 2 and 3, and through a successful re-appraisal three years later.

Mrs. Smith is a seasoned CMMI Appraisal Team Member and has participated in many SCAMPI A ML2 and ML3 appraisals. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Management from Purdue University.

Teresa Doran

Teresa Doran

Teresa “Terry” Doran is a senior process engineer in TECHSOFT’s Engineering Process Services Department.

Mrs. Doran mentors organizations and programs through the CMMI process, ultimately preparing them for successful appraisals. She is well versed in both CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC.

Previously with the Systems and Software Consortium, Inc. and the Northrop Grumman Corporation, Doran has more than 20 years of government and commercial software systems experience. She is an international expert and is currently leading projects for IEEE and ISO systems and software engineering standards development.

A New York native, Mrs. Doran earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. She is a member of the IEEE Computer Society’s Golden Core and serves on their Technical Advisory Board. Mrs. Doran is also a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering.

Kevin Haynes

Kevin Haynes

Kevin Haynes, Process Engineer, has been with TECHSOFT since 1999. Mr. Haynes’ diverse roles include process engineering, software and web development, software testing, and configuration management. His understanding of and experience with the full software engineering lifecycle creates a natural camaraderie with software developers and fellow engineers. This relationship is often critical to breaking down barriers to process improvement as well as tailoring processes to best fit the customer’s environment.

Mr. Haynes has helped develop organizational measurement repositories, implement configuration management tools and change request processes, and generate testing documentation such as Verification and Validation plans and procedures. He has performed a variety of assessments and appraisals including gap analyses and internal Class B assessments and has also served as an Appraisal Team Member on several ML2 and ML3 SCAMPI A appraisals.

Mr. Haynes earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Florida State University and an MS from University of West Florida in Software Engineering.

Perry Deweese

Perry DeWeese

Perry DeWeese is a noted champion of systems and software life cycle process improvement. Mr. DeWeese joined TECHSOFT after 36 years at Lockheed Martin, where he designed, implemented and championed software process improvement throughout the company.

Most recently, Mr. DeWeese supported Lockheed Martin’s business units during their transition to CMMI and the Lockheed Martin Integrated Engineering Processes Standard. Mr. DeWeese implemented CMMI Best Practices from the Software Engineering Institute’s Introduction to CMMI in the business units’ processes and procedures. He also participated as a team member on several SCAMPI appraisals.

Mr. DeWeese holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute.

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